Will open soon 15.02
All we need is a good start, a push and an opportunity to show ourselves. Especially when we have ambitious plans and the desire to go to the next level.
The Osteology Foundation is itself an organization that seeks to find new talents, showcase them to the world and give them the impetus for a new career.
Do you want to join a cohort of world leaders? To perform on the same stage with those who set the rhythm of modern dentistry? Want to show what you are capable of and not afraid to compete for? Do you dream of hearing the opinion of a reputable jury and evaluating your colleagues?
Then you to the Osteology Talent Contest Eastern Europe!
Submit your most effective clinical case, get ready to describe it and defend your opinion well, and of course be ready to win!
OSTEOLOGY HOT DANCE RARTY — every time within the symposium there is an integration party, which is envied by many country clubs, a large dance floor, a cozy lounge area, all to the maximum for an unforgettable experience and a relaxing drive!
Clinical cases should be related to bone plastics, implantation, soft tissue plastics, copyright techniques and more.
Materials approved by the Scientific Committee will be accepted for presentation
The competition will include no more than ten authors in the order of submission
Реєстрація на майстерклас
Сучасні концепції горизонтальної та вертикальної аугментації кістки